I know, hard to believe that Michael is now 60, and if Arkle was a child it would be heading off to University to stretch its wings and learn about life in the outside world. We would have had adolescent strops, monosyllabic responses, mood swings, wearing wildly inappropriate clothing and rescuing it from late night escapades which took on a life of their own. Actually when I read that list it sounds like some of the shows we’ve put on over the years (and that’s just me…)!

Under the Blue Sky flyerOur first show of 2015, Under the Blue Sky by David Eldridge, directed by John Lally, isn’t about childish behaviour but about 3 couples who happen to be teachers. Their paths don’t cross on stage but definitely do off to weave a satisfying story.

We have 6 talented actors, a great venue in the Hill Street Theatre and our usual stalwart technical team. It’s on from Wednesday 22nd April to Saturday 25th April at 7.30 pm. We now need an audience, which is of course where you come in. Tickets are available as usual either by contacting us via this link, from the phone number on the flyer or emailing Michael direct.

All help gratefully received with move-in and move-out, as well of course. Feel free to download the flyer (Under the Blue Sky PDF flyer) and bring along your friends.

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