The last of the marigold seeds have been sown, and we turn our attention to the 2019 Festival Fringe. 

Audition readings for both our productions will be on Monday 15th April, 7:00pm at St Mark’s Unitarian Church on Castle Terrace.

Low Level Panic by Clare McIntyre, directed by Jenny Tamplin

Being a woman in her 20s is hilarious; as Jo, Mary and Celia will testify. It’s also exhausting, overwhelming, terrifying and so much fun. Does this stuff ever get easier? When is it too much?

Three girls, one bathroom = a disaster waiting to happen. Jo, Mary and Celia are totally fine sharing their tiny flat, until they’re not.

The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, directed by David Grimes
4F, 6M

Classic Shakespeare requiring a mixture of ages all under the capable gaze of David Grimes. Love found, love lost, love found, you know the drill…

Both plays run from Monday the 12th to Saturday the 17th of August at the Royal Scots Club in Abercromby Place, Venue 241.

Low Level Panic will start at 6:15pm, and The Taming of the Shrew at 8:30pm.