I’m mortified (again). You know how you have those “I mustn’t forget, I mustn’t forget, I mustn’t forget…” times, when you then completely forget what it was you shouldn’t forget? Well, when I was composing the deathless prose for my post with the flyers yesterday, I did.

With huge apologies to our stalwart Mr Barnes, Phil is presenting My Dog’s Got No Nose, by Ron Aldridge, at The Royal Scots Club in week 3 at 4 pm from Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th August.

2016MYDOGSG_A9My Dog’s Got No Nose takes us on a journey through the events surrounding a stand-up comedian’s first ever performance. Before picking up his microphone and venturing into the limelight, he regales stories and tales about his life and experiences. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes poignant and often laugh-out-loud hilarious, he shares his soul reminiscing about his early career as a furniture-salesman-turned-photographer, love, marriage, and ambitions.

His debut is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream where stand-up comedy, unrequited love, animal lovers, facts of life and sibling rivalries are just some of the elements covered in this very funny and bittersweet story, as we discover that both the man and the performance are not quite what they seem.

Do come along and find out how his dog (and probably the rest of him too) smells.

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