I hope you can recognise the quote! 24 hours passed in a time warp (hint) moving Arkle into Venue 241 this weekend. More details are on the Arkle’s facebook page. If you’ve ever been at an Arkle set move you’ll know why it pays to be ready to both jump to the left and step to the right at a moment’s notice when the scaffolding is flying!Move in done 2013

As you will gather Venue 241 will be open for business on Monday 5th August, with Arkle shows running from Monday 12th to Friday 17th August. If you haven’t booked tickets yet JUST DO IT – pick up the phone to Michael, email him, use the link on this website to send a message, whatever yanks your cord. It seems like no time has passed since last year, but that’s just a sign of getting older. So that we aren’t another year older before you see an Arkle show buy those tickets NOW and come see us next week!