Long time no speak! We are now in the depths of winter, although thankfully a month after the solstice so the days are a little longer. Unfortunately the weather won’t take the hint for another month or two, so this afternoon is grey, overcast and about 3 degrees. No wind though, so lacking that extra edge that transforms a bit of a dreich day into a truly horrible one.

Da, by Hugh Leonard – Image Copyright Chris Close 2017

On such a day I know your thoughts turn naturally to Spring and the warmer days to come, assuming you can raise them above crawling back under the duvet until Monday morning. We are busy preparing the latest entertainment for you to look forward to in the days around the equinox. The extremely talented John Lally is once again directing for us, and he has chosen “Da”, by Hugh Leonard. Set in Ireland, we meet Charlie on the evening after his dad’s funeral clearing out the old house. Da is however very much alive in his memories, and we soon start to learn more about what made Charlie who he is today.

There’s a rich vein of humour running through this gloriously Irish play, and Charlie soon learns that you don’t end your relationship with someone just because they are dead.

Please help us to get word out about the show. John is updating our Facebook page throughout rehearsals, and you can use either the image above or the PDF version (Da flyer January 2017) to encourage your chums to come. Oh yes, please buy your tickets as well! As the flyer says we are performing in Galahsiels on 9th and 10th March, and at The Roxy in Edinburgh from 15th March to 18th March. All performances start at 7.30 pm. See you there!


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